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Want to contact me? Please read this...

Well, for those who don't know me, my name is John Lagonikas (Γιάννης Λαγωνίκας in Greek), a.k.a. Zeleps. I am the (sole) author of Partition Resizer, and (unfortunately for me) the only one responsible for answering the e-mail concerning it. I must say that communicating with all the people that used my program in the past was a unique and pleasant experience, but sometimes the e-mail flow (and especially the outgoing flow) was too much for me to handle.

If you read all the documents, the FAQ, and you still have some, questions, problems, feedback or comments, you can send me a message. All messages worth replying will be replied, but I cannot guarantee how soon this will happen.

Many messages that I received in the past, were not related with Partition Resizer, but with a variety of problems (mainly data loss) that their senders had with their hard disks. I understand the stress that these people are under, considering the potential loss of their data, and in most cases I will continue to reply to these messages. Of course, there will be a selection of those messages that will be replied, depending on the seriousness and the urgency of the situation. Please consider posting your problems in newsgroups or contacting your computer vendor before requesting help from me.

For those requesting technical help, please attach the PRESIZER.LOG file that is created automatically when you run Partition Resizer. Since information is appended to this file every time you run Partition Resizer, please remove all the unnecessary session data and send me only those related to your problem (for disk and partition identification, one session's data will be sufficient; for Partition Resizer actions related questions, isolate and enclose those sections that refer to that specific action, along with partition information collected before and after this action was performed). So please, do not send megabytes of log data (this has happened before) for a simple question, and always compress the log files you attach.

If you have read the above and believe that I am your last resort for help, then send me an e-mail addressed to presizer@zeleps.com. Comments for the program are always welcome, but they will not always be replied. 

Postcards are more than welcome. If you really like the program, I would prefer your comments on a postcard. My mail address can be found at the end of PRESIZER.DOC (included in the archive).

Well, this is all for now. Thank you for reading this and for using my program!