Partition Resizer - Development news

Dec 31 2000

Release of Partition Resizer v. 1.3.4. The new version incoroporates the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug with multiple primary non-FAT partition moving
  • Fixed a graphics mode problem with some Graphics cards that default to 16 pixel character height
  • Fixed a problem with the 2nd option (you'll now be able to change a FAT16 partition's cluster size)
  • Minor documentation update


Feb 20 2000

Release of Partition Resizer v. 1.3.3. The new version fixes a minor bug which appeared in FAT32 partitions with cluster size >4K and did not allow the user to grow a partition in the resizing screen.


Jan 15 2000

For those people trying to contact me for the last few months, I've got all your e-mails and postcards BUT I really don't spend that much time at home lately (navy duties, job, women etc.) thus I haven't even read most of it. Since most of the e-mails concerned the "divide by zero" problem, I released a bug fix version (1.3.2) that resolves it. Many people were still asking annoying questions that are explicitly answered in the documentation (and especially PRESIZER.FAQ), like "Would presizer help me resize my partitions?", or "When I get to the resizing screen, nothing happens whatever keys I press". As I've said before, will not answer such e-mail. Finally there were some e-mails calling for help, but they were already outdated when I read them, thus I supposed it would be useless to reply after a good couple of months.


Jan 15 2000

Release of Partition Resizer v. 1.3.2. The new version fixes the "Divide By Zero" error that appears in some systems, causing Partition Resizer to terminate abnormally.


Dec 18 1998

Release of Partition Resizer v. 1.3.1. The new version fixes some problems from version 1.3.0. In detail, changes include:

  • Documentation update
  • Minor interface bug fixes
  • A major bugfix in the resizing engine
  • Partial fix of the rescue file creation problem (the program will continue normally now)

Nov 17 1998

Well, I'm off to serve the Greek Navy. This means that from now on, my email will be replied rarely (maybe once a month) and development will be paused for a while.

Nov 6 1998

Release of Partition Resizer v. 1.3.0. The new version includes among others:

  • New Resizing/Moving engine
  • New Resizing/Moving interface (VGA graphics)
  • Support for Int13 extensions, allowing for a maximum supported disk size of 2TB
  • Command line parameters for single disk operation, read-only operation, text/graphics mode, reboot prevention etc.
  • Various speed optimizations
  • Updated error detection engine
  • Updated documentation
  • Bugfix for the erroneous drive letter nomination for FAT16 partitions

Nov 6 1998

Introduction of this page, offering up-to-date information on development news, problem solutions etc.