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download Partition Resizer v1.3.4

You can download the latest version of Partition Resizer from this page. Click on the link below to retrieve it.

Before you run the program, it is very important to read the text files included in the archive, especially README.1ST and PRESIZER.DOC. These files contain vital information concerning the operation of Partition Resizer, restrictions and necessary precautions that must be taken before execution, as well as licensing information, instructions of use, and technical info.

Check back at this page for updates and new information.

Program Data

File name: PRESZ134.ZIP
File type: PKZip 2.04 archive
Size: 97K
Version: 1.3.4
Release date: 31/12/2000
Operating System: DOS, Windows 95/98/Me (DOS mode)
Requirements: 8086+, any Hard Disk (<2TB)